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Re: Neurofeedback

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Try taking a look at the PlayAttention system. It’s expensive, and it takes upwards of six months for permanent changes, but the evidence points to it being effective.

There have been two studies released in the past year as to its effectiveness at building attention-based cognitive skills and reducing impulsivity. Plus, the feedback (pardon the pun) from users has been predominantly thumbs-up as to results. Their interface set-up is referred to as ‘Edufeedback’, but essentially it’s computer driven, interactive Neuro-biological Feedback.

“Neurofeedback” (non-interfaced neuro-biological feedback) has been demonstrated in studies to have a neuroplastic effect, but it too takes months of use, and it lacks the “POWER OF INTEREST” that’s part of the PlayAttention strategy that uses video game technology married to interactive feedback technology.

The facts are that the brain gets better at whatever cognitive functions we choose to practice with it.

For instance, the cognitive gymnastics involved in PROPER meditative forms that require rallying and directing and self-monitoring of attention and thought have a dramatic effect on ADHD. Of course, that takes a while too.

Dang. I guess you’re screwed to have to go above and beyond no matter what course you take.

The good news is you’ll gain mastery of cognitive skills, which cannot be acquired by popping a pill, alone.

T. Lavon Lawrence