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Re: never ending Multi-careering

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i shop for trash bags at Aldi’s because there is almost no choice involved :)

i’ve been an archeologist, newpaper layout person, live (educational) tv camera person, photographer (weddings, 2 different portrait studio chains, newpaper stringer), historical re-enactor (viking), teacher at a summer program for gifted kids – taught about 25 different subjects, user consultant in college computer labs (2 different universites), instructional designer, administrative assistant, graphic designer, data management for sales staff, and i’m thinking of trying to get a doctorate studying the effects of using 3D virtual worlds in second language learning. i think that qualifies me to be a college professor – if i’m not too old by then. ;)

i’ve spent a LONG time in university, and have listened to years of “just do it” and “just pick something” but the whole world is out there! how do people do the same job day after day, year after year, without going completely insane??? i was in the admin assistant job for slightly over a year and there were days where i sat in the parking lot in my car and just COULD NOT force myself to go in that door. and other people just didn’t understand how boredom could be that annoying. they just said it’s what you have to do. just do it. it about drove me nuts. i was very glad when circumstances outside of work made it easy for me to walk away from that job…. *shiver*

i don’t know what i’m going to do next, but i find myself looking for jobs that might provide me with a very varied environment. or are high level but temporary. i’m not sure i could stay more than a year in a job….