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Re: never ending Multi-careering

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Oh my Ghaawd! I have found my people!…reading your posts sounds like you wrote them about me…I think i MAY have adult add…problem is ive been sick for years and struggled with [mood disorders] ever since i got Thrown out of the marines for [depression]…(the military doesn’t like it when you’re not paying attention)..i can STAND at attention no problem…had somewhere between umpty-nine and eleventy-nine jobs/career since then…chef…Sales…TSA Screener[dont get me started]…vehicular emissions inspector…licensed insurance agent…pizza delivery…the list goes on…bottom line I always lose my job because I either have anxiety before going in or i embarrass the living $hit out of myself and cant face my co-workers, or both…

I wonder am i nuts or have you felt this way, too?