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Re: never ending Multi-careering

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Its killing my marriage, once a month like clockwork [wonder why] my wife gets fed up and threatyens to kick me out if I dont just “man up” and turn into Ward Cleaver… i dont have any idea what I want to do in life, but i feel like ive already burned too mant bridges to start anew anywhere else…although… I’ve always had a pipe dream about making movies… my wife says it’s just that and that I should be more realistic. I say to her Somebody has to do it why not me? she says youre too unreliable for me to get behind you on any wacky sche,es you need stability…its like having a second mom when what i need is a wife. I’m growing frustrated with myself though because i just end up piddling around spinning my wheels while my life circles the drain…where do i get help?