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Hello Trashman,

Have you an idea what your next steps will be? Have you looked into getting an evaluation at a clinic for ADHD? I’m 40 and just got diagnosed – it has been a life-changing event. Depression is a horrible companion to ADHD and I really feel for you. But the very fact that you have found and posted on this forum is a very hopeful sign. Very brave of you – nice going! I was terrified, frankly, when I first posted…

My first step I suppose was attending a Totally ADD seminar – and learning a little more about the condition, and seeing that the whole auditorium was full of many other people with ADHD. It was really eye-opening. I couldn’t believe I was amongst so many other people who had similar stories to mine.

Keep posting to this site and asking questions – there are a lot of helpful people here with lots of experience with ADHD, who can help illuminate some options for you.