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Re: new and lost @47 wating for testing

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Hey trashman,

How ya been lately? Welcome to the forum, by the way. I know what it’s like to have to have to be a laborer. I did rather lousy in school myself and after high school graduation, I was done. I kinda had a phobia of higher education because of what I suffered through in childhood. I’ve been laid off for a few moths now and I’m hoping to take a plunge into school soon for some math upgrading. For me math is the worst. I would rather face a firing squad than have to do a course in college level algebra, but I digress. At least I’m good at writing and computer stuff and I can turn a wrench.

I’ve noticed that maybe writing isn’t exactly your thing, but hey, everyone has their own gifts, yourself included. I know that I’m not dumb and I doubt that you are either. Figure out what YOUR gifts are and go from there.

PS. If I use too much of big, highfalutin words for anyone’s taste, sorry but that’s my style.