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Trashman, don’t despair! Hopefully, the meds might help you out with getting yourself more organized in your day to day life. You mentioned that your arms don’t want to work anymore. Age isn’t always a good thing, is it? When your arms are tired it does make typing on a keyboard a lot more difficult! My arms are absolutely muscle-less and when I’ve had to do real work with them, I’ve not been able to type either without making a lot of extra errors.

Schools aren’t always ADHD friendly places. I can say that with good authority since I’m a teacher and I deal with the ‘system’. Even now, a lot of ADHD/ADD kids struggle to get the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, a lot of us ADHD people also have other issues to deal with along with the ADHD. What’s that? When it rains, it pours???

Many kids and adults also have learning disabilites that interfere with their ability to ‘learn’ or access information in the same way as others. Does it mean that they’re dumb? No way. They just need the information presented in different ways (often far more interesting ways, I might add).

Could it be that you also have a learning disability? Possibly, so that’s something I’d ask your doctor for direction on when you go in to see him/her. The doctor should be able to direct you to where you can find out some of these answers. Also, I would check out your local learning disabilities association. Most sizeable communities have a local chapter that holds meeting for people to attend. They have support groups for kids and adults and have resources for you to borrow and use (videos, books).

They also can provide advice for training programs that might be available for you to take. These groups are not just for people with learning disabilities. I found out about their programs when my own son was just a kid of 10 and was diagnosed as ADHD. I turned to them for support to learn more about ADHD and how to better deal with parenting him. At that time, our local chapter even offered classes for the kids to take so that they could learn how to keyboard since printing and writing is hard for many of us.

Check out them out! If you live in Ontario, the website is http://www.ldao.ca