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thank you zsazsa for the intell iam in mb. started wor king with our local learning disibilitys people they been a great help , but to go through them to get tested is $2400 witch i dont have that wood be great , because iam not close to living on the street yet iwill have to pay or wait for 7 months for the province to pay for the testing dont know where to from there . iam hoping it will be abig eye opener but only time will tell . my parents always told me i should feel lucy to be alive because at birth icould not move my right side and i had blood driping on my brain,they did a mri scan and found a stain on my brain from back then . my dad said i had to go to the childrens hosptial in a ambulance he told me he was not paying for that trip . so the on nurses said she would hold me and he could drive so they weant she had told him to hurry or i might not live. his awnser was if he lives he lives if not then it wasnt GODS will that i live.telling me this many times, it allways sounded to me like awish didnt come true. i always was very close with my mother untill iwas 22 i stoped in at my parents house and she comes to me crying asking me to forgive her because when she found out she was expecting with she hadnt wanted me and i was not sapose to be born.and my older sisters allways reminded me of that but now the story had to change because they where all stuck with me .so instead they said .GOD had this big plan for my life what a big fuckin joke that tured out to be. sorry for rant and maybe some offencive words.with one parent passing in 2001 and know the last one in 2009 i feel i can be honest for once.some days i wish they would have been right. ihave 2sons and itry to be very positive with them and idont want them to live with adad that took his own life.iwill stop feeling sorry for my self and get back to life. sorry once agan for rant ;it does feal good to say this in the fact that no one knows me.iwill be back later.