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Sorry for the late response, trashman but I’ve been having computer issues. I’ve had to control my temper or i might have smashed this machine and put it (or myself) out of its misery.

I’m sorry that you had a rough upbringing. That certainly does nothing to help us develop any self-esteem and feelings of confidence when we feel like we unwanted and a ‘mistake’. I’m born and bred in the cold brutal climate of MB just like you! Perhaps your father had a bit of frostbite to his brain to have treated you so harshly.

Take joy in the fact that you are able to understand the errors your own parents and siblings made while you were growing up. Understanding and seeing those mistakes has given you the power to do a better job of raising your own two boys. As kids, they won’t thank you now but in the years to come, they’ll look back at you and their childhood with love in their hearts.

Don’t give up! Take each day, one day at a time. No one ever has all the answers or that perfect life. It just always seems to be that way when we’re looking over our neighbour’s fence. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It sure wasn’t! I try to take each day, one day at a time. Otherwise, I get overwhelmed.

We can learn from past mistakes and move on. I’ve had to go through some very traumatizing experiences in the past 2 years that I has no idea how I would get through. Both medically and mentally. Somehow or other I managed by telling myself that I could do it. I had to give myself my own personal pep talks over and over every day for a long, long time and do you know what? I did it! I got through it all and I believe I actually grew stronger because of it. YOU have the same spirit in you to do it too Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here talking with all of us!

Keep in touch so we can support you through this. And one more piece of advice, if you’re feeling depressed, talk to your doctor. I’m not saying take meds for that. Only your doctor can advise you about that. BUT, if you’re really struggling with a lot of big mental health issues sometimes it helps you get to see the right specialist quicker. Kind of like the saying that the squeeky wheel gets the grease!