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Re: New Guy vs Ritalin

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Just found you all! Yea! Regarding Ritalin, I’m 53 – 20 mg Ritalin 4 x per day. I have tried almost every brand of Generic out there! I do keep journals. OCD note taker…. Brand = Cyba only. I dumped my health insurance to afford my “brand” rather than generic. Why? Anxiety, panic, depression, heart racing, gastro… Brand name Ritalin costs me 178.00 US dollars per month (Sam’s Club business discount). Insurance companies have attempted to force the Generic. Believe me! If I could – I would! Everyone’s chemistry is unique. Some may fair well on Generics. Not me! Now – I’m in the catch 22 situation. Unemployed and If I can’t afford the Brand Ritalin, can’t work – can’t work – Can’t afford the Ritalin. I tried dexidrine and others. On dexidrine I was alert but felt like a “test pattern”. Based on my research – lots of it. Ritalin is the front line, first choice in ADD meds. My opinion – WATCH GENERIC – they are dangerous! Pardon my spelling – normally use spell ck but feel you all understand! Hey I also take Xanax for anxiety. (Generic Xanzax works ok for me). With the Sandoz brand Ritalin that my insurance suggested (demanded) I had to increase my Xanax to deal with the anxiety! I went from 1 or 1 and 1/2 per day to more. In regard to timed release Ritalin: I like the ability to regulate the short acting Ritalin vs Sustained Release. More freedom, besides you could wind up with Generic Sustained release = Major nightmare!