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Re: New Guy vs Ritalin

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Thanks turkeyspit. Thanks for setting me straight on the “wall of text” thing. I didn’t quite understand the four hundred other people who told me the same thing in a different way. In case you didn’t read my reply to others comments on the same thing,….. I get the point. “Really though”.

Well, alrighty then. All my misplaced sarcasm aside, I do appriciate the time you took to reply. I do not have any insurance that covers any medication so the low cost of ritalin is a big consideration.

As far a being self aware I know that It takes about 15 min. for things to kick into gear and one dose only lasts about 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. Im not sure if its the physical aspect of my work but I seem to burn up any goodness of ritalin faster than some.

Because I have been off my meds. for the winter ( sort of as a “do I really need these chemicals running through my veins” thing ) my family doctor has set me back up on half my regular dose of 20mg x 3 to 10 mg x 3. (Thats because I found I really to need those chemicals.)

I have found they make a big difference when I take 10mg, but only when I take it twice as often as I’m supose to.

Does anyone find that a lower dose more frequently is more effective than a heavy dose less often? Is that even an option? Other than the incovinience of having to take medication 6 times a day it is kind of the same thing as slow release if you think about it.

Oh, and turkeyspit., one could also say constructive critisizm vs. overly sensitive add boy = a bad thing, but thats not at all your problem, its mine…………….so my bad. I’m working on it and I bit my tonge the last bunch of times. Did I mention that when my medication wears off I sometimes have a kind of edgy feeling? Thats one of the reasons why I stopped taking them. I felt like a drugie having a bad come down off of a high. I’ve heard some say that the generic version can have that effect on people. ???