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I have the same night issues as most of you. I’m usually up most nights until between 1 to 3 am and then have an alarm clock that rings at 5:30am for me to begin the new day. I’m sure it’s not good for my health to log in those long hours but when the brain is ready to go, who am I to stop it? (Besides the fact that drugs are needed to make it stop)

I’ve been doing this kind of sleep pattern since I was a preteen (mind you, back then I used to go to bed around midnight) and I used to wonder even then why I was awake so late every night. My mom used to regale and berate me about the fact that I never slept as a baby and it nearly drove her crazy! Maybe the going crazy part was more related to the fact that I have a twin and she was already tired and worn out. The fact that I didn’t sleep couldn’t have been that bad, right?

I’ve always enjoyed the peace and quiet of the night time. No extra noise and no one coming and bothering me or interrupting me about silly things. Soooooo much easier to think clearly at night.