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I was always a night hawk but I’m finding the older I get (I’m only 45) i seem to value my time sleeping. I’m a basket case otherwise. Since I haven’t been well…see bad reaction sleeping has been golden. I couldn’t cut staying awake until 3 then up at 7 am. I was ugly and mean bear…and I’m normally pretty good. I would have to also question everyone on the caffiene intake before bed. I can’t drink coffee or tea or coke zero anymore after 12…as it will keep me awake longer.

I know that our bodies need sleep at least 7hr hplus so I would say create a habit for working days and a whatever schedule for Friday and Saturday…

I think it may be a adhd sympton but I would think that Dr. J may know best.

I have to go to bed and it’s 10 pm…on Friday…I have no life but if I start now I may fall a sleep by 11 / 11:30 but I’m also up early as I’m going away for the weekend.

Have a great sleep