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Patte Rosebank
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@JayBird, I wrote this parody of “The Last Night of the World” (from “Miss Saigon”) in 1991, when I was an undergrad. It got its first (and, to date, only) public performance two years later, at a fundraising show for the New College drama group (of which I’d been a member). Naturally, it touched such a nerve with the audience of students and alumni, that it stopped the show.

And when we performed it, which one of us screwed up the lyrics in both choruses? Of course! The one who wrote them!


KRIS: Your bum the chair no longer can feel.

This situation doesn’t seem real.

Gloom surrounds you…

Gloom surrounds you…

KYM: The hour hand is moving too fast.

Procrastinating’s finished at last.

“Start now,” they told you

Last month, they told you…

KRIS: Our grades will change when tomorrow comes.

KYM: Tonight, our hearts pound like distant drums.

KRIS: And we’ll be suff’fring all right,

Writing all night…

BOTH: A term…paper on “Angry Francophones”.

KRIS: I’m crazy now.

KYM: I’m lonely now.

BOTH: I cry, as the ordeal

Drags on and on…

Writing on “Angry Francophones”.

I tell myself

To hold on tight

And write

‘Cause it’s the last night

‘Til it’s due.

KRIS: Of research stuff there’s really a dearth;

And what there is no longer has worth.

I can’t take it!

KYM: I’m going, too!

KRIS: And I believe that it’s gonna be

A great big failure, along with me.

BOTH: Each time, we do this, and then

We say it again:

“No more…talking for hours on the phone.

Our laziness

Got us in this mess


We tell ourselves

To carry on…

Writing on “Angry Francophones”.

I tell myself

To hold on tight

And write

‘Cause it’s the last night

‘Til it’s due.

KYM: Seems like all I ever do

KRIS: Is scheme to ‘splain why I’m not through.

BOTH: I’m aware

We may be

Doomed to fail again.

We’re doomed…

So pray with me;

Turn out the light;

No chance,

‘Cause it’s the last night

‘Til it’s due.