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Just for fun I changed my schedule this morning. I was awake at 5AM anyway, so when I didn’t fall back to sleep by 5:30 I just decided to get up and jump in the shower first thing.

Usually I ease into the day by feeding the dogs at 6:00, making coffee, reading some internet news, watching a little TV, finally showering (etc.) and wandering out of the house by 8:00. No rush, no stress.

I think I must have shocked my system into action this morning. It seems as if one little distraction leads to dozens of others, and then I have to fight with myself to shift into “work mode”. Today none of that happened. I’ve been productive since the minute I walked into the office (taking a break right now).

This may not work for me tomorrow, but it sure worked today. Maybe ANY unusual change in schedule would have worked? A lot of us complain about being bored and/or unable to focus until nighttime–maybe we can create the stimulation our brain needs ourselves by NOT doing the same thing two mornings in a row? Is it possible to surprise ourselves?

Maybe we could write all the things we have to do in the morning on little bits of paper, and draw them out of a hat so that we always get a random result?