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My morning routine runs like clockwork these days. I used to be late all the time but then I started to aim to get ready for ten minutes before I actually had to leave, that way when the time I actually had to leave I wasn’t being punished for taking longer than I should. It’s the old, set your alarm clock ten minutes fast trick.

DogFather, it could be the showering that helped. I shower in the morning, having curly hair means I have to wet it anyway, so why waste time sticking my head under a sink if I can just change my routine? I find that the shower helps kick my system into gear and I’m a lot less skatterbrained that way. I also use a citrus scented bodywash, which also helps energize. They have minty ones with menthol in them for guys kicking around that really wakes you up. I also have a coffee pot which turns on automatically in the morning so as I step out of the shower it’s just brewing. I fix it and let it cool while I dress. Then it’s coffee, meds and breakfast, double check my backpack for everything I need then it’s out the door to work. It might be that you have a routine now that boots your system, which it sounds like. Taking a bit of time to let yourself wake up really helps.