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@WolfShades – I’m in I.T. as well, and rarely have emergencies during “regular” hours. I get energized whenever something comes up at night, and I’ve done more than my share of late-night and weekend duty. I love the challenge of it, but my real purpose in life is to PREVENT that kind of thing from happening. If something does go wrong, the task of diagnosing and fixing the problem is the exciting part–but dealing with the people who were inconvenienced is never pleasant.

@JayBird – I shower every morning anyway, arthritis makes it necessary. But the timing of the shower coming immediately after getting out of bed may have been the “shock” I needed to get going faster. I mentioned “easing into the day” in my earlier post. That’s certainly more comfortable, and it makes my mornings OH, SO PLEASANT, but maybe that kind of comfort is one of the things we need to avoid?

I’m on day three of this experiment, and so far everything’s working great. This morning I got a full day’s work done before lunchtime. At lunch a friend asked me “What’s wrong? Why have you been at work so early this week?” He lives near my office and has a long drive to work, so I even beat him getting started.

Now I’ve gotta find something interesting to do with the rest of this day beside watching YouTube.