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Patte Rosebank
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For me, it’s a case of things being a lot quieter at night. I live in a very high-traffic area, in downtown Toronto. There’s a constant bustle of traffic and pedestrians and fire trucks and ambulances, and (most significantly) the construction of a high-rise just below my window. The construction workers start just after 7 a.m., so I’m awakened by that noise, and it continues until the start of evening rush hour. The neighbourhood doesn’t really quiet down until after 8:30 p.m.

At night, there’s less traffic in the hallways of my building, and fewer dings from the bells on the elevators. Much fewer distractions. So I can really focus on doing things. Plus, working in a theatre, and performing in burlesque & variety shows, I have to store up my energy during the day so that I’ll have enough to do my job or my performing at night. The exception to this is the shows I do in nursing homes, which are generally in the afternoon.

Ideally, I’d go to bed around 1 a.m., and wake up around 10 a.m. But those lovely construction workers are determined to wake me up ridiculously early, so I’m sort of in a weird limbo state, of having to force myself to go to bed early-ish so I’ll get enough sleep by the time I’m so rudely awakened.

Wait, there’s more. Lately, the construction crew has been putting up a super-bright clump of halogen lights on the top of the building-in-progress, which is at the perfect height to shine right into my bedroom window, despite my vertical blinds. And they have some people scurrying around up there, banging around and checking on the day’s work. Last night, they were at it ’til midnight. If they keep this up, I shall file a noise complaint with the City.