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Serenity, unfortunately, all the meds that are specific for ADHD have problems with possible CV effects. Strattera is no exception. However, don’t panic. Having regular follow-up with a cardiologist is the best advice and they can direct you safely. I find that the ADD (Predominantly Inattentive Subtype) person does get a good response with atomoxetine. I don’t think it is an exceptionally good drug for people with impulse control issues but for core symptoms of inattention, it does work, albeit really really really slowly ( i didn’t stutter. There were three really’s there. Really). But, be patient. ADHD treatment is about changing your lifestyle so having a medication take a while to show full treatment effect is consistent with the overall treatment agenda anyway.

Sometimes people augment the Strattera with just a little bit of psychostimulant to get the combo effect.

I think the best attributes of Strattera is that it doesn’t feel like you are on the meds. With psychostimulants, you definitely feel the meds. Again, that has advantages and disadvantages.