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Re: Not able to make out lyrics in a song?

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When it comes to rapid talk, i can somehow manage to absorb the info and can handle it.

In a crowded room, I can manage to have a converstaion with a person while simultaneously able to hear other conversations going on and understand the jist of everything going on in the room. Its as if my brain is processing auditory stuff so quickly that i can do this stuff with not that much effort.

However, there are times when in a simple one on one conversation with my wife (or anyone else), the words will whizz by totally over my head, and although i heard the words, my braid did not process them. Not sure if that makes any sense, but thats exactly what happpens.

Also, i’ve been told “you’re not listening!!!!” when i get some instructions like “”Get the system activated on Thursday “, I’ll then ask “When do you need this done by?”. But I can multi-task at an alarming rate.

Have you tried closing your eyes when on the phone taking the ames/numbers? That might help(as teh brain temporarily shuts off visual stimulation and may divert the effort to the auditory stream?).

Im a early 40’s Electrical Engineer (I really feel like a smarter and better looking version of Forrest Gump), and have managed to be successful by beingh petrsistent and using a brute force approach to studying and getting assignments done.

On a separate note: do you ever find yourself looking for somthing that is right in front of you, yet you don’t see it?