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Miguel, I’m an ADHD person myself but I have to honestly say that it is difficult for me to work around others like myself. If I was on the end of the stick that was doing the hiring, I wouldn’t hire MYSELF or someone else like me! It’s not that I don’t like myself or feel incompetent. Quite the opposite.

It’s just that I know that a non-ADD person can do just as well and in most cases get the job done quicker without the need for ‘touch-ups’. In the world of business, time is money and that what it often has to boil down to for (BTW, I’m not in the business world. I’m a teacher.)

Just saying that I’m a teacher doesn’t sound like I’m terribly accomodating to my needy ADD students. That isn’t true either. What I do see is that the non-ADDers are just as creative and able as we are but don’t usually need as much time to get the task done correctly and efficiently. If I was in a position to be doing hiring for a company and had to also answer to someone for the bottom line on the financial ledger, I’d sure think long and hard before hiring an ADDer if an equally qualified non-ADD person was also applying for the position.

I guess it all boils down to getting tired of hearing that someone needs special accomodations. I think EVERYONE out there has issues that they have to deal with every single day. I hate hearing that we alway should be given special considerations for our ADD. We need to just learn to deal with it and move on with life otherwise we’ll be having to make special allowances for anyone with a hang-nail on their index fingers.

I don’t want to sound like a rant but everyone has issues of some sort. Life is all about us learning to make the best of what we have and not always wanting or expecting others to throw down their jacket (so to speak) to make OUR life ‘easier’.

We’re all able to achieve and even excell at whatever tasks we set our mind on accomplishing if we just takeon the ownership for its success!