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@miguel, don’t let the teacher get you down. while she does have a few valid points – ie everybody has issues, we need to deal with things, i don’t think she understands just how awful it can be out trying to work in that bottom line world she describes. i agree with her that sometimes accommodations go too far (i know of one local university that was forced to graduate a student who could neither read nor write english -why? she was deaf, and ‘english’ was her second language.) but there should be some degree of reasonableness of accommodations for ADD. at one job, i was given a noise reducing headset to help with the sounds in the call center where i sat (i didn’t do calls, i did statistics.)

@ zsazsa i hope you give your students more than “deal with it” and “there will always be somebody normal that should be hired instead of you”, because that’s how *I* felt after reading your post. :( yeah, i know you put in the last line, but i’ve heard that far too often from teachers to believe it :)

blind people CAN’T do some things no matter how hard they try and ‘take ownership for success’ – they just CAN NOT. why? the have a disability and have to work around it. we help them by making accommodations. some ADD people are in the same boat. all that stuff about “set your mind to it!” only ever made me feel like a failure – and i’ll bet i’m not the only one on here who feels that way.