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How about ‘radio’ surfing? I quit watching tv because it was always the same thing, same re-runs that I know by heart & what good is news if it’s mostly bad news?

But music has helped me throughout my life. I have not been ‘officially’ diagnosed but so much of what I’ve learned here & read from your posts continues to confirm it. My score was middle on most of it but I guess it seemed I was just thinking of not seeming as intense or maybe I just need my husband to answer questions for me(maybe he would be more insightful than me).

And it really is hard to answer ‘yes’ if it’s not everyday & constant because through the years I’ve learned to keep from being so impulsive or made myself keep from saying the wrong thing. The test results state I’m more of the Inattentive Sub-type.

And I believe being female, the more docile, has something to do with it too verses male, more aggressive.

Unless you really piss me off then I REALLY show my anger & impulsivity, lol.

But I think I’ve gotten most of my anger out through the years or maybe I’m just kinda on a low end right now, lol, I don’t know.

Hopefully I can get to an ADD doc & get tested once and for all & know for sure what is up with me. I’m thankful though to my circumstances in that I don’t have to work outside the house.

Ok, enough here, I better get to work…….my energy is mostly in the afternoon to late night and sometimes early morning hours.

I hope to be here again soon since I need to learn more about this.