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If Patrick’s your twin brother well meet your sister (we’re triplets!!). I too found the movie was like someone had spied on me throughout my life! In my twenties and thirties I moved EVERY YEAR! Have never been fired but was never able to come up with a comprehensive plan for myself…got a degree and a good job in that field and within three years I was flat on my back, out of commission with a mysterious illness that presented like MS but tests showed I didn’t have the disease. Fibromyalgia, Meuniere’s, Sjogren’s all appeared.

And let’s talk basements and unfinished projects…let’s not. My sister used to call me the energizer bunny but now I can barely tolerate stress of any kind.

I think my ex was probably ADD as well–no wonder it ended. But boy did I fight to try to keep it together. And my son is going to be tested when he gets home from his project in March. We were always telling him to sit down and school was a nightmare for him.

So good to talk to other people. I no longer feel crazy and hopeless that it’s all my fault. So happy to know that there are things I can do to make my life better and easier. Difficult is so highly overrated!

Cat naps are great, aren’t they? It’s the only way to go some days. If only I could predict which days they would be!