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Never fired, but was “downsized” with 70 others back in ’02. I usually quit – decide to move on, get bored, or get concerned that I’ll no longer be able to do the job, and if I start over, it will take 6 or 7 years before someone finds out I’m “different”.

Agree on the lack of plan – when asked what I want to do in 5 years, 1 year, 10, whatever, I just sit there, can’t decide!

One of my project cars has sat for months in part because I can’t decide on how to lay out the wiring and computers in it! Oh, I have the technical ability to do it in a day – if someone would just decide then tell me where to put things! So for a month, the engine control computer has sat up on the fender while I do other things – until I decide to design a bracket and finally install it. I can read the schematics and figure all the wiring out fine – but I’d rather someone just give me a list of what needs to be done. (I’ve wired cars totally from scratch, after-all…)

Anyone else note this – or am I just WEIRD:

I’ve suffered some injuries – a couple semi-major – like ripping the bicep tendon loose in my left arm (and I’m VERY VERY left-handed). Sure, it hurt, after a hour in OR I started to sort of feel sick. Funny thing, though – there was never any real panic. IT was like, gee, I don’t think my arm should look like that – bet they can fix it”.

And when I was given options – I said – so let’s just set this up and get it fixed. Then after surgery I was asked when I wanted to start PT – I asked how soon – the reply was “as soon as you feel like it. Surgery was Wednesday late afternoon, I started PT Friday morning. I was always confident (almost always) Same after I got my fingers and thumb (left hand again) into the table saw. Gee, I suspect they can fix this, too.

It’s like I don’t take these things seriously, and have a “what, me worry?” thing – but other stuff REALLY stresses me out and I worry about all sort of little stuff, silly things!

It’s either:

Oh, well, totalled another car


Man, I’m so nervous – hope they like me, or hope I look ok

Huh? What’s up with that? Isn’t that backwards?