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Hi julestnz – to follow on from nellie’s suggestion of the book “Lifting the Fog” …..my psych diagnosed me as ‘predominantly inattentive’ and that confused me a bit because I have traits that I had thought of as belonging to the combined type – but I am not hyperactive and never have been. But ‘predominantly’ is the key word.

There is very little information out there that is specific to the inattentive type. Anyway, I bought the Kindle version of Lifting the Fog. If ADHD is new to you it’s a good starting point. It’s an easy read and not too long.

The thing about ADHD is although one can have the inattentive type, there can be some traits such as impulsiveness that can also be present. So the boundaries can be blurred.

However, having read the book, I think my psych was right. But some of the things I do that I thought were typical of the combined type are more likely to be reflections of anxiety derived from being inattentive, e.g. fidgeting, being hot tempered.

So there were parts of the book which were real ‘ah ha’ moments for me and I had another perspective on some of my behaviours.

In conclusion, it’s a quick read and it’s nice to read something that is aimed at us inattentives.

The author compared the inattentive and the combined types in a shopping mall. The combined type will rush around and go into a glitsy shop and spend lots of money, whilst the inattentive type will wander around, get lost in some thought and forget why they went to the mall in the first place.

The best thing you can do before you have any more consultations is do the quiz on this site. It’s a good starting point.