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KC5jck. Yeah, thanks for that. I took that test as part of my ‘research’ a few days ago. I scored 80, with 70+ being the ‘pass mark’. lol

Its been a long few days with most of my waking hours being hyperfocused on understanding my condition. Just finished reading Stacey Turis’ book about her ADHD. Lots of LOL-moments and tears. Very funny and also eye-opening. I was really sad when I finished the book, its like losing a friend since she is so open and honest about her life. Now I am on Dr Thomas Brown’s book. Really good too, with a very calm, scientific approach.

Scatty – thanks for that. I understand. The descriptions and boxes that we assign to ourselves are all to do withe ‘usual’ behaviours , reactions and feelings. The typical inattentive person doesn’t exist, we are all different.

The impulsivity has really caused me some issues. Even leaving my wife on impulse. I know that sounds ridiculous, but in hindsight I just didn’t think it through.

And then there is the hot temper. I grew up with my father being hot tempered, not in a really bad way, but it was there. In never got violent, just angry. I think it made me awatre of it as I grew up and I always thought I had it under control. In the last 5 years I have seen my hot-headedness get worse and worse. Possibly due to ther ongoing frustrations as my ADD got worse and worse. I think that depression and ADD are curious bed-fellows. They feed each other and put me in to a downward spiral. Anyway – I digress, LOL

I agree that we have symptoms that blur and overlap the boundaries that the experts define. Its not a criticism of the definitions, we need these lines drawn in the sand, but like you I have rubbed out the lines while dancing / stamping on the beach.