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@billd – Are you reading a book of my life? I have the same thoughts, and behave the same way to injuries, and “minor” annoyances.

I did the test on this site and score 9/9 on the first set and 8/9 on the second. I also did this one and scored a 90 with nothing being lower than moderate. Many of the questions i answered moderate to have been things I have been working on to improve, and would have been quite a lot or very high a few years ago.

I fell skiing a several years ago and did quite a number on my shoulder. The week before surgery (I couldn’t lift my right arm above the shoulder, and couldn’t lift anything) I remodeled a bathroom, because it needed to be done before the baby was born, 2 months later.

Or this semester I decided to totally redesign the curriculum for my department (this is my second year in charge of the Drafting department at a college), I edited 6 courses, added 6 more, edited 2 programs, and added 2 new programs. Everyone else is acting like I’m crazy, but I was able to knock it out pretty quickly after I gathered all the material.

But if I’m stuck behind someone going 60 on the freeway I can’t stand it. I didn’t realize this was add until I watched the show.