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Re: Nutritional Inattentive ADD Help, It Really Works

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Sleepy Jean
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I have been on an anti-inflammation diet for arthritis. One of the ingredients I cook with is coconut oil (which is a funny name for such a semi-solid substance). On a side note, coconut oil is also a wonderful lotion/moisturizer/lip balm. Maybe I get more benefits from ingesting it as well as slathering it all over my face so that it soaks straight through my skin to my brain. Or not.

Also part of the diet: eliminating SUGAR! A combination of less gluten, less red meat, more fresh fruit and vegetables and a gob of Omega 3s, I’m feeling pretty darn good. I’m 60 this month, have osteoarthritis in my knees, have high cholesterol and am new to the wacky world of adult ADD. Well, all this no-sugar (NO high-fructose corn syrup) and I have lost 30 pounds easy as pie (ha ha) this past year. And, my overall cholesterol has improved dramatically (from ridiculously high to perfect).

As an extra bonus, I am sleeping better, less restless, calmer, and my brain isn’t so foggy. Coconut oil? Why not! It’s pure, simple and natural. I’ve even replaced milk on occasion with coconut milk or an almond+coconut milk combo. Inflammation is sneaky, laying just under the surface of just about ever malady it seems. My ADD seems to manifest itself with anxiety, inability to focus and piles of stuff all over the place. I’m feeling so much better with sugar out of my system. (It’s a horrible addiction!) My brain is happier without inflammation bogging it down, too.

Recently, my Naturopath suggested a glycine (amino acid) supplement to help with focus. So far so good. I am making lists, checking things off as they are done and not feeling so overwhelmed.

That’s what I know so far. Good luck on your journey. Oh, every single doctor, naturopath, counselor, and bystanders tell me to WALK and get aerobic exercise every day. So even if you are consuming lots of coconut oil calories, get out and walk to burn off some.