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Re: Nutritional Inattentive ADD Help, It Really Works

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If I could get someone to delete the first post I would appreciate it…

Well here goes, since I found out that I have “Inattentive ADD” I’ve been in a hunt for a demonstrable solution to help me. I’ve been an Amen Clinics online stalker, reading everything I can find about helping my ADD. I have tried all of the nutria-ceuticals in varying combinations, L-tyrosine, DLPA, rhodiola, ECGC, Panax ginseng, L-theanine, herbs, spices, high protein/low carb diet, exercise, meditation and more. Throughout all of this experimentation, I used various “timed reaction” games to gauge whether anything was working. Faster reaction time equaled better effect for me, I realize this is not a comprehensive test but it works for me. At first, caffeine worked really well (and I LIKED IT), but I built a tolerance rather quickly. Exercise was consistently a booster but I only had so much time and/or inclination to pursue that avenue long in the long term.

I finally went to a psychiatrist for meds and went through Welbutrin, Straterra and Adderall. Welbutrin worked as well as a salt tablet, Strattera worked consistently but minimally as a stimulant (it worked but I didn’t LIKE it). Adderall worked the best (and I LIKED IT!!) but it ratcheted up my “Jerk Index” a notch or two according to family and church members, so that was out (darn, I LIKED it…).

Throughout all of this I had an idea running around in my grey matter; I always felt as if something was being used up by mental activity. I could pretty consistently count on about 20 minutes of mental lucidity prior to feeling sleepy or befogged. Exercise could erase the fog and restore my ability to read and/or study. Recently I got a link to this youtube video about a doctor with her husband suffering from Alzheimers (youtube.com/watch?v=ZZOR-Qd3QSg&sns=em) and how coconut oil is an alternate fuel source for the brain. I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING that has come across my desk and I figured, “Why not?” In the video she was VERY generous in how much she added to his food. I looked into coconut oil and found that it was used for the cognitive deficits from hypothyroidism in the past. The coconut oil fats are not stored in the body but are utilized immediately. As a result they give an uptick in metabolism, which can be mentally stimulating without the negative effects (Jerk Index) of stimulants. I decided to try one tablespoon with each meal. I use the LouAna brand from Walmart (I don’t own stock in LouAna nor do I sell anything).

Ladies and gentleman, let me tell you about my experience… I have had 8 days of clear headedness, there has been NO evidence of my inattentive ADD. I’m not prone to responding to placebos, so I am 99% certain of the oil working. It looks like my system does not provide sufficient glucose for brain calisthenics and I have to have some ketones to provide enough power for my mental computer. I will be experimenting with taking less of the coconut oil since three tablespoons equal 360 calories extra per day. This is the longest stretch of time that I have ever been this clear headed since early childhood. I will be doing more research about this issue of brain fuel.

Does anyone else have any input?

Before you say, “EEEeeekkk, run away!!! It will raise your blood cholesterol levels!!!!!!!!!! AAAaaakkkk!!!”, please be advised that when the studies were done on coconut oil in the past, they did not divide it into fractions of good and bad. Yes it raises cholesterol levels, it raises the GOOD cholesterol and improves the ratio of good to bad. It is HEALTHY for you, unless you are allergic to coconut!

Sooo, anybody else doing this?

Any other thoughts?