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I am a sequential eater too, as well as eating too quickly. I tend to put my head down and I just eat as I would normally. to others I guess its too fast. When i was younger, I’d eat everyting in order based on which foods were my favorites on the plate. As ive gotten older when need be,I can take my time. For the most part for me its the situation that determins how fast I eat. I dont care what people think if I eat one thing then move on to the next.

How about eating one thing for a long period of time? Like for instance I’ve been eating cinnoman toaste crunch for breakfast and dinner for the past month. Its starting to get old and I just finished my last box this morning. Before that it was baccon. Before that it was eggo waffles. I usually will do this like the eat only one thing for a month or so. This discludes lunch since I get my food from here at work in our caffeteria (which serves cereal!)