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Re: Oddities with ADD

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I like to eat one thing at a time and also do not like my food touching one another on the plate!

I’ve had that pointed out to me more than once. My explanation is that when I am eating potatoes, I like to taste them.

When I eat meat, I want to taste meat.

I bet the following explanation about why we eat foods in a certain order will ring true to a lot of us here because we have heightened senses, perhaps the sense of taste as well….

Also eat things in a certain order because some things I have to eat hot, others can be cooler..

For example..dinner is steak, mashed potaoes and asparagus

I eat the asparagus first because I detest it even lukewarm, but love it hot!

The meat is next because to have it hot or warm is OK and the mashed are last because I can eat them at any old temperature.

Any one else do this because of this reason..temperature and taste?