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Re: Oh, yay. More fear-mongering, based on faulty research.

Re: Oh, yay. More fear-mongering, based on faulty research.2011-04-01T03:21:24+00:00

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I was browsing through my morning Star before heading off to school anf found the same article and read through it quickly. When I was finished I thought, “Oh, great. Here we go again.”

I didn’t have time to look for the references for the ‘assumptions’ being touted in the article but it was enough to make me give my head a shake. I’m not saying that some food dyes could be problematic for some kids (or even adults) but this study seems to leave a lot of unanswered questions.

The article mentions that ‘a few of the FDA experts questioned the evidence cited by the dyes’ opponnents.” My antennae pop out if the FDA is questioning the ‘evidence’. The article continues to say that Michael Jacobson (head of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which is the group leading the oppostition to the dyes) “admitted shortcomings in the data” and he goes on to say “it was unclear what percentage of kids were affected.”

After listening to the latest addition in the ‘Rick’s Rants’ section, I’m a bit leary of anything being presented by that particular group especially when they admit to shortcomings in the data they are using to support their beliefs.

Perhaps there is some truth to the dyes being a problem for people. It’s probably true that many chemicals are harmful to us but I’m betting that eating more ‘whole’ foods would be beneficial to all of us (even the non-ADDers). *sigh* I’ve been trying to do a better job with choosing wisely when it comes to eating but I fall down on the cooking.

It’s easy to do a great job with fruits and veggies but mixes and prepared foods are such a timesaver to us!! Life is hard enough when some of us are presssed for time due to our lack of organizational skills. Extra time spent on food preparation chills my blood! Ack!!!

I hate fear mongers even if their intentions are well-meaning. We’ll see what the Star has to say tomorrow (and hope my morning reading doesn’t make me late for school). The morning paper can be my undoing!