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I’m going to tell it like it is..I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I also bought a bike. Now the bad news.Your wife is looking for a solution…She can no longer handle the impulsive behavior. She wants some light at the end of the tunnel. Doing some housework is not a sollution….

My wife said to me “You don’t get it” she was absolutely right. I didn’t get it. I THOUGHT I GOT IT. She was thiniking about leaving after 19 years of marriage.

I played WOW for 12 hours a day as a stress reliever..I became a non partner to her….My stress and anxiety was so great WE almost separated..I could no longer handle the daily stress/anxiety caused by ADHD.

How could my wife not understand my stress—How could she not understand how important this stress reliever was to me….IT was my problem–and MY WIFE PAID THE PRICE FOR MY ADHD. (this became very clear to me after medication)

The main problem is “YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN IT FOR 43 YEARS”

ADHD does that…I understand.

Now the GOOD NEWS.

You have to give your wife a reason for staying…My wife thought I might have ADD.. She suggested watching “Add and loving it”

GET CHECKED OUT. If you have ADHD there is a solution for you and your wife..

After getting diagnosed and my taking medication for ADHD her stress in her back and neck are gone. Her stress level has just about gone.

She can count on me. I am a friend who can sit down and listen to her. We have reconnected emotionally.

Your wife is looking for a solution., give her hope..

Best of luck