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Re: On Concerta and Still No Motivation

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So glad to see this thread.

It serves as a reminder to me that I shouldn’t get all stressed out about Am I taking the right medication? Should I take a different dose? and that I should at least put equal thought into other strategies and tools to help with my ADD.

And tools that I will actually use, instead of tools that I will admire but leave in the box.

Still, it is difficult.

I’m a perfectionist as well as a procrastinator, and one thing that gets in the way of my starting, other than the ADD paralysis, is my desire to get things perfect. Even my ADD treatment. Even the tools I select to deal with my ADD.

I get all fired up about a new strategy (typically, a schedule), tell myself I’m going to stick to it, and fail to remember that stick to-ing anything is…….kinda the difficult thing with ADD.

The only thing I tend to be able to stick to are unproductive ruts! Television, internet, junk food, etc.

But maybe we can encourage each other to get to it.

ha! Instead of setting a specific alarm for myself, which is a tool I’ve found doesn’t work because I will typically ignore the specific task it is reminding me to do because I’m not in the mood to do that particular task, I could simply set an alarm that says “Get to it!” when it goes off, and it can serve as a reminder, maybe not to do a specific thing, but to get to doing SOMETHING other than my mainstays.

Do something different, something connected, something productive.

It could be write a poem or brush my teeth.

If I have a choice in the matter, I’m much more likely to choose to do SOMETHING. I can say “I don’t want to organize my pocketbook now.” But I’m less likely to say “I don’t want to do ANY different, connected, productive thing right now.”

The alarm would help me get away from the tv and do things that benefit my mind/body/soul. Hopefully!