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Hi Carrie – wow – that’s a lot of overwhelm to have to deal with! I am sorry to hear that the city is stressful – it’s so different from country living isn’t it. I have done both and prefer the country. Most of the coping mechanisms I had to adopt in the city were related to dealing with people like the ones you described. But not everyone is like that so don’t lose your trust completely.

I LOVE kc’s suggestion of dealing with the store-stalker. If it deals with your neighbour at the same time – job done! :)

Like kc I don’t have anything good to report – sadly I don’t even have his amusing approach to cheers you up. But here is the place to vent and we can at least listen.

It does seem like there’s so much to deal with that it might be an idea to try to work out what’s most important. I guess from what you’ve said your daughter’s school start, the court and the car.

The court thing is probably important – you don’t want to end up paying court costs (if that happens where you are?). Surely the renters should have some responsibility to check where they were mowing?

With your daughter – is it possible to sort her clothes out the night before, along with her school bag etc. If you have a special place that her clothes are laid out and all her school kit goes – like a launch pad – then at least your mornings will be less stressful (even if your evenings are fraught). It seems like a nice idea – but my life is full of nice ideas that remain as ideas! :)

No idea what children eat for lunch – something you don’t need to prepare would be good – yoghurt, fruit? Dunno! Can she have lunch at school so it becomes their problem or is that too expensive? – just thinking out loud.

Maybe try some of Ipsofacto’s mind management techniques if possible.

So we might not be able to help but we can listen. Let us know how things go.

Good luck! :)