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Hey ADDled.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Things awfully hectic right now.

However … nice to “meet” you and glad I could relieve you of that “Senior Statesman” status.

I’m starting to get used to it. <vbg>

Re ADD – don’t forget – it comes with a gift: Hyper-Focus.

And once you have the right meds (and “leash your demons”), you can access that “gift” whenever you need it.

Totally changed my life (though I had to go through that whole denial/anger/regret/acceptance thing before change really started to take hold).

Almost 15 years later – I now know I couldn’t do the things I’ve done if I DIDN’T have ADD. So I’ve learned/am-constantly-learning how to leash the bad stuff and free up the good.

Look forward to “talking” more with you.

Cheers till next time.