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Larynxa, well said…I hope you don’t mind… I’ll be using some of your material : )

I’m a fortunate ADDer who’s gal has stayed with him for over 30 years. It’s been a rock n roll experience but we’ve pulled it off in style. It feels like we’re now entering into the most rewarding chapter of our relationship. Sure, we can focus on regrets, but many of the best rewards in life require hard work. I’m pretty sure she stayed with me because she bought into the moral aspects of fulfilling an oath made. She laughs about how lucky I am that she had a naive streak. She wouldn’t put up with $&!T now LOL : D

One observation. When you go through life holding another’s hand, you actually live two lives. No one needs another holding them back, or holding them down, but if there’s a sense of fairness in the relationship it can be richly rewarding.

Staying together; It’s not for everyone, it’s certainly not easy, and it often won’t be a realistic option, but I wish it for anyone who wants it.

Kylep, good luck with your situation. sounds a little heart-wrenching. I think you’re going to have to tell her what you just posted, “I just hate feeling like i’m more into her than she is into me. I dont think its the actual case but I feel that way sometimes.” Sounds like you’d like some commitment.

Take care everyone and have a nice weekend!