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rock the boat now. If it’s on your mind right now, it’s not going to go away but will get worse.

Humans as a race are not wired for such things. There are exceptions – but they are just that. Ordinary folk, ADD or not, are not wired for open relationships. What do you think started so many wars hundreds of years ago? LOL

Seriously, we are like certain other animals, pigeons, for example. Mate for life is normal, kill anyone who tries to horn in.

It’s like the abused person who says “oh, it will get better once we are married” or “having a child will settle them down”.

BULL HOCKEY! It will only get WORSE once married as then they’ll feel they can let loose and don’t have to behave.

If it’s an issue now, it will be a bigger issue later.

Talk about it NOW, and if you aren’t totally satisfied, move on.