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Well, it’s official. I’m a member!

And having only just been introduced to the forums, I am glad to see organization and time management being addressed; particularly the “organization” part, since the amount of information I’ve processed over the last couple months (here, in books, and throughout the interweb) has been..well…overwhelming (I have 5 word docs full of random excerpts, and the number of ADD/ADHD quiz sheets on my HDD is threatening to surpass the number of MP3s).

I’m looking forward to digging into the listed resources more thoroughly, and from there hopefully starting work on my help management and time organization skills…er, or something like that.

Until then, I remain optimistic that I’ll yet make sense of all this info, and be able to properly apply it to my own situation.

Ty for the post, and I’ll let you know how it goes.