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Re: Organization and Time Management HELP!

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I do that as well because there is an adrenaline rush from crossing things off a list ( I think it’s even scientifically proven).

That said, I flip flop between paper lists and electronic ones. OF course we’ve all read a thousand times you’re supposed to pick only one and stick with it, Problem for me is I like both and depending on my level of mental frazzle one or the other works better.

But thinking this over for a while now, I realize what’s failing me is not the system ( I’m careful about double entry etc.) but actually using any system. As long as I use one, all is fine.But… the minute I get de-railed then it’s a big slip slide into organizational chaos.

I got off my electronic Omni-focus software somewhere back in December and decided, after re-reading above posts I must confess- to see where I had left off. Don’t suppose it should surprise the rest of you ADDers that there are a slew of un-dones in there! Seeing it in black and white is actually a good thing for me – I’m very visual so it really hits home. For the last few days I’ve been thinking how I can use the knowledge of my visual propensity to an advantage when it comes to getting things done. I think one way I’ll try is to leave the software open on my desktop.

Also Babyanne, maybe keeping it in electronic form might help to track the undones – it just sure shocked me into action! Have you thought about printing out your electronic version and then following along with a pen so you can get the adrenaline rush as well? I tried this before the New Year ( I’ve been on vacation so haven’t needed to be uber – organized again until this past week) and it worked.

If you plan – or I should say map out your day the night before then one of your tasks can be to print the page with your tentative plan for the next day and you’ll be all set.

Not sure about the rest of you, although I love fancy paper agendas I stopped using them a while ago because they become a collector of all kinds of other paper – bills and what-not – that eventually become a form of paper background noise and no longer affect my sense of urgency or action.

I’ve made organization my theme for January and so hope the perfect system will reveal itself by the end of the month!