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Re: Organizing the Brain

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Reading Carrie’s initial post here caused me to think that this may be a fear of forgetting, perhaps due to a short working memory. I’ll be doing something and see or think of something else that needs to be done and change tasks for fear of forgetting to do it later. Of course while in the new task, something else comes along.

The result is many things started (before I forget about doing them) and not much completed because I forgot what I was initially doing or didn’t have time to complete because of all the other distractions. And I suppose many of the things started and not completed have to be began again from the start causing the time previously spent to be wasted.

I think I’ll try this. Whenever I see something that needs to be done, I’ll take a picture of it with my iPhone. Later, I can go back through my pictures to remember what needs to be done. If I think of something then maybe I’ll … I’ll call myself and leave a voice mail or something.

Hey, maybe when I put down my hammer I’ll take a picture of it so I’ll remember where I left it. Oh I’m on a roll now, I’m so happy.

Thank you sooo much Carrie. You’ve solved eveybody’s problems.