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It was a DR. Pychtiirst that put me on the meds, cant spell very good, it I took a written test and told her about my family. And i keep losing my corner store job because of making mistakes . I know I have congnitive problems our whole family slaughter the english laungange and it runs on my mother side of the family.

The meds that they put me on worked my confussion has gone down. I had a garge full of stuf, I empty it gave it all away full of crafts and book that I didn’t end up reading or doing. I got my house all done and sorted. I stayed home for four days and focused on what I was supposed to do. I don’t fight with my husband has much . So my Dr who started the meds send me to see the Dr who deals with more if you have it or not. I brought in my childhood report cards he need three and he didn’t see that fact that it was written about behvore but it said that I had reading and comphenion problems. In my days at school the teacher’s were aloud to hit, put dunce caps on you. He is from the 70″s it was in the 70’s they started to pick up on this problem. So even on at least one report card it said that I had listen problems I got an F on listening and a F courtesy problem . I had failed grade 1 and grade 4. He thinks I have learning problems because we moved allot I mean across Canada and during a school year. Plus I left home when I was fourteen.

I had taught myself alot of things over the years so what he is seeing some one who worked on themsevlfs. I had been seeing Dr’s over the years and they didn’t know back then about adult ADHD I was always trying to figure out what was wrong with my mother’s gene pool.

But I feel different this time I’m taking more control I phoned MSI and they said that they would cover anything at a Hospital. So I set up an appointment for Auditory for the problem with speaking and hearing words and check for CAP. I went to a job center they do a small test on people and if I have to go to Ont to get a good Dr that deals with Ault ADHD .

I quess the Dr’s are worried about drug abuse so us Adult with ADD if our report cards dont add up and if you don’t have a parent that wont come in or there dead you don’t get help.So the person is left on there own again. All my life treated like I was stupid people not believing me when I said I got things srewed up because I was thinking when I should of been listening. My kids are even feed up with me my exblossive problems. this is the first time since being on meds I can deal with problems with out getting out of hand about an issue.

I just felt like no one believe me when it was both Dr’s in the room I challege him and he wanted to walk out twice. I told him I’m 53 years old I don’t need to pay out 1600 to take this test. I know what is wrong they do know I have cognitive problems. This is the first time I picked up books to get my grade 12 I had hope maybe of going to Art school I’m just so upset there is only one ADD Dr were I live.

Next time I go in I don”t think I’m going to be able to get another prescription. Sorry for the ranting but I know people here do care about one another can share information about what they know. Clamdigger