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Re: Parent of 8 year old ADD / ADHD child

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The reason why i wasnt to sure if i saw a difference is because she would tell me ” look mommy i think the medicine is working , im calmer ”

Now was or is it working or was it her that believes the meds.

I did however talk to her teacher, and she told me that last week my daughter did a math speed test , she was the first one to finish ( which i tell my daughter being the first is not always the best, but you know kids ) she got 20 on 20 and didnt count on her fingers.

which to me , that is HUGE.

i see that she is a little calmer , and can actually do some chores (pick uup her room) on her own.

so i do see a small difference, but not big. Which im ok with.Because our doctor wanted to start her on a small dose (10 mg )so that she doesnt turn into a zombe , or have to many side affects.

In Month we go back to see if we up the dose to 15 mg.

He chose this med because of the fact that we can go slowly .And i like that he is doing it that way.

i have seen to many kids around me being zombies because their dose is to high. So i really dont mind him taking his time. I find its less of a shock to her system

so far she doesnt have problem sleeping , she still eats as much.

i find she is a little to sensive to things; But i also think that might because she is becoming aware of things around her more than she did before.

thank you for responding to my post.

i like to hear from everyone.