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Simplicity… A long long time ago, I used to carried my cell phone in front left pocket, my keys on front right pocket and my wallet on one of the two rear pockets of my pants. It was a challenge to keep track of all of these items, especially because I kept way to many keys, receipts, business card, credit cards… you name it. During a taxis ride, when calling a client or friend, I needed to take out my phone directory (aka. wallet, since putting phone contacts on ordinary phone was such a pain). Taking the wallet out of my pocket brought a relieve to my behind since the wallet and the keys became so uncomfortable to keep on me all the time. When I reach my destination, I would feel odd for a few minutes, to later realize that my wallet or my phone was still in the cab! It happened at least three times and another half of dozen times at the movies, work, or restaurants.

I ended up getting a Palm Treo four years ago. It was a good step since I kept it on my belt with a clip holster, as viv suggested; although the wallet and keys were still a problem. When I upgraded to the iPhone, which is slimmer, I ended up still using the same holster of the Treo; and with the added space, a friend (who knew of my issues) suggested that I reduce the size of my wallet and carry it with iPhone on this holster! I managed to simplify my wallet to only contain my license, three debit/CC, insurance id, transit pass and a few tri-folded dollar bills within what is normally the picture insert of the wallet. It fit perfectly! I have not lost my wallet or phone once for two years. My iPhone contains all my essential info such as library id number, frequent flier #, contacts, schedule, music, audio books, etc… I also reduced the number of keys I carry in my pocket and place a medicine case holder on the key ring.

Now, if only I could figure out what to do with my eyeglass; they have gone m.i.a. a few days ago for the fourth time since i got them this summer. It’s yet another item to keep track of….