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I was recently diagnosed with ADD in Nov 2011. This is 25 years after I was in graduate school

Prior to the ADD diagnosis I was treated for everything from depression to bipolar illness to sleep apnea over a

20 year period. My inattentiveness and impulsivity have been there since early childhood. I wasn’t able to articulate

the symptoms and so the rest is history.

My diagnosis came as a result of a personal crisis in my life. I have been married to an alcoholic

who was a heavy drinker for the better part of 20 years. She crashed and burned. I ended up

going to Alanon recently (better late than never) and because the focus is on me I started to

do something about my physical and mental problems

I actually watched some TV show that had the clinician who started the clinic where I sought help.

Needless to say I have responded well to stimulants and am working on changing behaviors that

have caused so many professional and personal relationship problems.

For most of my career I have worked in the healthcare industry including the dark side (Big Pharma)

I must say it has been an overwhelming ride for the last 3 months (positive and negative)


Your 8 month old post provided some much needed perspective for me.

You are very funny as well.


I have had a reasonable level of success and like you some devastating life experiences

My next steps in my career I am looking for more success and a much better work/life balance