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I, too, am a psychiatrist and was just diagnosed in my 40s. Being an ADHDer, I did not find my way to medical school until I was in my 30s. I finally figured out what was going on with me AFTER residency. Of course I procrastinated actually getting a diagnosis and have just started taking Ritalin. I am not sure how it will affect me, it doesn’t seem to be doing much other than make me a little sleepy at a pretty good dose of IR. My doctor suggested I read Delivered from Distraction and I read a lot of things that I have also experienced. It was nice validation. I am on my third job since I got done with residency in 2008 and currently work out of my house in telemedicine. Originally I got this job because I thought it would be less distracting than my previous job, and I would have time for various “projects” when I had no-shows. Also to be more available for my kids. However, I have come to realize this job is high stress, low stimulation and, being an employee, I have very little control over my schedule, etc. I am really gettting burned out and bored and have been practicing for less than 4 years! What I need is low stress/high stimulation, but where can that be found in psychiatry?!? Anyone have any ideas?