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Re: Physicians who have ADHD

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I have the exact opposite view. I am a nurse practitioner and I am really struggling. I have compensated for many years. I have always gotten very high grades and been a high achiever. However, I have had to use very significant chucks of time. I have very few other responsibilities than school and devote 100% to it. However, the medical field is extremely fast-paced and I no longer was able to compensate by throwing more time at the problem. I am so rushed all the time that I save all my work and charting for the end of the day and have turned 6 hour shifts into 11 hour shifts. I am taking stimulants for the first time in my life, desperate for some relief before I lose this job. I don’t understand how one could function better with a mind which is constantly distracted and will waste time by forgetting things, remembering things at inopportune times, and having difficulty with time management and thought organization. Maybe it is because my main problem is inattentiveness? I am personally suspicious that med students are ‘neuroenhancing’ with stimulants, meaning that they do not have actual ADHD, but use the medication for an extra edge.

something to think about. I love that I am unique and creative, but this is an impairment in certain ways.