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Re: Pretty sure I have ADHD, Scared to Take Meds

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Hi Hopefulnurse!

Talking to you about my experience is taking a chance for me! I’ve noticed sometimes alternative medical experiences aren’t welcome. But I’d like to say that “Totally ADD” has been a lifesaver for us. Without the support of the website, workshops, and friendly staff and members, we’d be lost.

I’ve used both my medical Dr. and naturopathic Dr. for several problems. My son had chronic bronchitis and was getting worse. Our medical Dr. was wonderful, we tried everything but over time, my son was getting sicker. I asked him what we should do and he said he didn’t know. He wouldn’t give my son his 5 year shots because he was too sick.

Two years previously, my older brother died when he was given and x-ray dye because he had kidney stones. He’d had an allergic reaction and the medical Dr. did not react in time. Once he did, the epipen wasn’t where it should have been and more time went by. By now, my brother had no vitals, and was frothing at the mouth. They did their best to revive him, but it was too late. (My sister in law was in the room and is a nurse, so we know the details.)

Because of this experience, when my Dr. said he didn’t know what else to do for my son, I considered alternatives and asked around if anyone knew a naturopathic Dr. and was told of two in our area. He gave my son a pill called ‘Bronchese’ (a vitamin for anyone who wants to be stronger in the chest) and he stopped coughing! We had him tested for allergies and found him allergic to cats and mould. My medical Dr. suggested “Claritin”, there was a warning about long term use on the label and at this time I was very sensitive to warnings because of what happened to my brother, so I checked with the Naturopathic Dr. to see what he had and he had a drop called “Bio 84”, that my son took for environmental allergies. He was much better than he was, with occasional problems that required his puffer in emergencies. Eight years later, I still have a current puffer although he hasn’t needed it in years. We still use both Dr’s, we are a team and I’m grateful for both of them.

Both of our boys are in a program involving diet, exercise, fish oils, chiropractic adjustments, balancing the brain (one son is weaker on one side and the other on the opposite side), lifestyle changes (less computer/TV/video games), and more. They went through testing at the beginning that included checking for impulsiveness and will be retested at the end of the program. ADHD is not cured, I don’t want to change them, I want them to be the best version of themselves as possible. Both have been tested elsewhere, but neither has a definite diagnosis, one has inattention, but not enough for a diagnosis, and one has a temporary diagnosis until we find out about anxiety. Their Dad has an ADHD diagnosis. He’s not in the program, but will go through the testing shortly.

I’ve found through the amazing ADHD journey that there are many puzzle pieces we can try to see if they fit or not. I think everyone’s puzzle is different. I hope sharing one of our experiences helps someone.

As said above Hopefulnurse, a reliable diagnosis is so very important, and maybe two opinions, to see if they match.