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Re: Procrastination? Removed My Lynchpin!

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Personally, I cannot think, “I need to clean the house today,” or even “I need to do the dishes.” My mind will quite nimbly jump to an image of myself deep in the middle of it and hating it…dreadful…ongoing….the day turning into night…even when I’m finished there will be something I missed. I was advising a friend on how to get her homework done. I said, “Just start with getting out your drawing pad…don’t do anything but get it out.” She thought this a reasonable thing after, “Well…what’s that gonna do?” She had four vignettes to draw. I said, “Just do one.” I didn’t tell her that would lead to doing another one and another one. It worked.

I need proof for everything. Evidence BEFORE I do it. That was it. So now I think, “I’m going to fill the sink with water.” Sometimes that works and sometimes the sink stays full of water until the next day and I have to refill it. I have moved on to thinking, “I’m going to wash the plates.” (They’re the easiest for me;) Once that happens…the silverware follow.

Even if I don’t get to the silverware, the feeling that I got the plates and glasses washed usually leads to getting other things done even if I can’t stick with the dishes.

The Point:

One small thing.

The entire task is OVERwhelming.

Overwhelmed leads to inaction.

One small thing.

Our minds are all too capable and likely to think too far ahead. We tend to be “creative” in our thoughts of what getting things started will lead to – having to finish them. Any feedback is appreciated.